Polytechnic Institute of Guarda – Portugal

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Polytechnic Institute of Guarda:
The Polytechnic Institute of Guarda (IPG) is a public institution of Higher Education that offers Undergraduate and Masters degrees, as well as other shorter courses that confer professional training (CTeSP – Higher Professional Technological Courses).The IPG has four schools for teaching and research, with courses based on the European model and accredited by the A3ES(National Agency for Tertiary Education). Its mission is the production and dissemination of knowledge, the creation and transmission of culture, knowledge, science, technology and the arts, through the articulation of study, teaching, guided research and experimental development in a close connection with the local community (services, industries and municipality).Quality and rigor, good working conditions, excellent social academic support and the high level of employability of our graduates are some of the reasons that affirm the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda as a prestigious institution.At Present IPG is forming students in a diverse of fields, ranging from technology to tourism, education, sports and health areas.
Our institute promotes a strong interaction with the local community and the inclusion process is one of our major concerns. In this field, several activities have been developed, either during curricula activities or local events. Last year IPG have participated in the European Day of Integrated Sports with a team of 21 disable and non-disable participants. Following this remarkable event, IPG have developed local events to promote the integrated sports, which had national impact in the social media. At moment, the curricula in sports bachelor includes topics on this matter, which raises awareness of our students and have encouraged the implementation of integrated sports in the local community specially devoted to the care of people with disabilities.