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  • Integrated Football The new frontier of Sport for All

At the end of project “EuropeanDay of Integrated Sport” – co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme- the regulations of some integratedsportsdisciplinesweredefined. Itwas a new achievement for socially inclusive sportsactivityregardingdisabled and non disabledathletes. The set of rules for Integrated Football resulted the onewhich best represents the highestintegrationamongdisabled and non-disabledathletes. Thisprojectmeans to developIntegrated Football activities, to involve people with cultural and social inclusiondifficulties and to found the European Network of Integrated Football. Building on the sportingregulationspublished and forwarded to the Olympic and Paralympic National Committees of EU countries in the frame of “EuropeanDay of Integrated Sport” project, wewillhold a training course for sportstechnicians and a training course for referees of this new discipline. The smartcomplexity of the regulationsallowsallparticipatingplayers to activelycontribute to achieving the finalresult. Thisrepresents a new frontier of social inclusionthrough sport. At projectclosure an Association of Integrated Football will be created in eachparticipating country: thiswillassurecontinuity to thisprojectsince the Associationwillkeep on the activitiesatnationallevel. The European Network of Integrated Football and the newlyestablished Sports Associationswill be officiallypresented at a public meeting with all partner organizations. At this meeting, the 2018 calendar of Integrated Football and the sticker album with the pictures of projectparticipantswill be distributed.